The Maine Coon is one of the largest domestic cats, with a striking appearance. This big cat is one of the oldest American breeds, originally from Maine. According to local legend, it was believed that this cat was derived from a cross between a wild cat and a raccoon which is completely impossible. This legend originated the name of the breed: Maine Coon. However, it is likely that the Maine Coon has resulted from crosses between robust shorthair cats from local farms and longhaired cats brought by sailors from the Middle East, England, Russia and Scandinavia. The harsh climate of New England contributes to the development of his thick hair, a characteristic that also shares with his other relatives: the Norwegian Forest Cat. The presentation of the race took place in New York Cat Show of 1861 by presenting a black and white copy named "Captain Jenks." The Maine Coon went through a period of relative obscurity when the Persians and the Siamese were introduced in the United States. The Central Maine Coon Cat Club, contributed decisively to the resurgence of the breed in 50 years, currently enjoying great popularity. However, the breed was only recognized as such by the CFA and FIFE in 1976 and 1980 respectively.


Given the hunter's spirit and agility are more predisposed to the outdoors.
Coexists peacefully with other cats, dogs and other animals, and is an excellent companion to their owners.

Owner of great strength, can become a dominant animal but not aggressive, very communicative with the owners and demanding of attention. It's a great cat to live in a family.
Very outgoing, loves his owner, and has a habit of following all over the house.

It may not be a lap cat, but loves company. It may seem independent, but with age tends to increase their connection with the owner.
Sometimes vocalize to get attention.

Inteligent, it's easy to teach a cat to play, as the Maine Coon is a particularly playful and a cat in a good mood.

Main characteristics of temperament: gentle giant, affectionate, delicate, energetic and very sociable.

The largest domestic cat: long body, solid structure and strong musculature. Head of medium size which seems small in relation to the body. Broad nose, firm chin, square muzzle with high cheekbones. Strong jaws and large.
Ears large, pointed, wide at the base to the tip end in tufts at the tips like the inside of these lynx is well furnished with hair.

The eyes are large, slightly oblique but looking round when fully open, they are far apart. Medium and muscular neck slightly tilted collar having a mane hair type.
Long legs, tall and muscular with tufts of hair between the toes that are also great.

The tail is long, the body of equal size or larger, broad at the base and fine at the end, with long hairs and abundant.

Coat that fits all seasons.
Dense and silky with long hairs on the abdomen and tail but short on face and legs.


Is created in all colors and color combinations (except chocolate, lilac and Siamese type).

About the breed: