In our home, and following our habits , there where always pets because we both have grown in in their company and share this passion. We had tropical fishes for years and had a good time in breeding several species; We had birds (canaries and parakeets) We had hamsters; We had Duke (a boxer) that fully met the expectations you have when you think of having a dog and because of that, I don't dare having another one for surely I will be disappointed because it will hardly be comparable ... and even though we both have had cats, there was none that we care enough to recognize an extraordinary passion beyond our normal fondness for animals. Everything changed with one little guy who chose me for his owner, it hapened this way: it was in 1996, Duke was already in our lives and I had stayed home to study because I had an exam that day. When I left home and headed to the bus stop I was approached and harassed repeatedly by a small being who, with great audacity crossed my way, rubed on my legs and meowed loud and almost jumped to my lap not regarding my hurry  not to miss the bus ... And that's how Bernardo (better known as Beny) came into our lives and as he grew and developed his personality, a standard  was created of what we expected from a cat.
Beny was a bit bigger than the other cats and had the semi-long coating, played with us like a dog, was always next to us, and he wasn't very independent and suffered with our absences. He was no pure race (but certainly a mix) but had a marked nobility in his character more important than any race or pedigree, which has left a void when he left.
This leads us to Maine Coons are similar to Beny (mainly in character). The Maine Coon cats are large, very docile, and playful companions, and could say much to describe their character but the best description I've read is the one I´ll leave here: They are the cats that more closely resemble a dog.
There are not many in Portugal and so when we decided we wanted to have one, we chose to breed so that more people can have the privilege of having the company of this extraordinary animal.

Hunter's Spirit

Maine Coon Cats

Hunter's Spirit